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Name:Smallville/Supernatural Crossover Community
Location:Kansas, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:SV/SPN xovers

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00s, 1967 chevrolet impala, 2000s, 2001, 2005, aaron ashmore, ac/jo, alfred gough, aliens, allison mack, angels, annette o'toole, aquaman, arthur curry, bart allen, black canary, bobby singer, bobby/chloe, bobby/lois, bobby/martha, brainiac, callum blue, cassidy freeman, castiel, chloe sullivan, chloe/bobby, chloe/dean, chloe/john, chloe/sam, clark kent, clark/bela, clark/jo, clark/ruby, clark/sarah, comedy, crossovers, daily planet, davis bloome, dean winchester, dean/chloe, dean/kara, dean/lois, demonds, dinah lance, doomsday, drama, ellen harvelle, eric johnson, erica durance, fanfiction crossovers, fanfiction xovers, flash, friday, general zod, genevieve cortese, ghosts, grant gabriel, green arrow, impulse, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jerry siegel, jim beaver, jimmy olsen, jo harvelle, jo/ac, jo/clark, jo/oliver, joe shuster, john glover, john schneider, john winchester, john/chloe, john/lois, john/martha, jonathan kent, julie mcniven, justice league, justin hartley, kansas, kara kent, kara/dean, kara/sam, katie cassidy, kristin kreuk, krypto, krypton, lana lang, laura vandervoort, lauren cohan, lex luthor, lionel luthor, lois lane, lois/dean, lois/john, lois/sam, lucas luthor, lucifer, mark pellegrino, martha kent, mary winchester, meteor showers, michael rosenbaum, miles millar, misha collins, oliver queen, oliver/jo, perry white, pete ross, phantom zone, ruby/clark, sam jones iii, sam winchester, sam/chloe, sam/kara, sam/lois, samantha ferris, samuel witwer, shelby, smallville, smallville crossovers, smallville fanfiction, smallville xovers, smallville/supernatural, spn, spn/sv, supergirl, superman, supernatural, supernatural crossovers, supernatural fanfiction, supernatural xovers, supernatural/smallville, sv, sv/spn, tess mercer, the cw, the wb, thursday, tom welling, tuesday, tv series, tv shows, vampires, watchtower, wednesday, werewolves, whitney fordman, xovers
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