Welcome to [community profile] superville, the only place to find Supernatural/Smallville crossover fics on Dreamwidth!!! :) You can post ANY pairing, any rating, any... anything, pretty much. Make sure you check out the rules on the profile (when I get a chance to write them up) before you post.

Also looking for a banner/header for this community, so if you wish to create one for me, that would be completely awesome. I'd prefer Sam, Dean, Castiel, Clark, Chloe, and Oliver. (If you want to add Jo, Ellen, Bobby, John, Ruby, Anna, Dinah, Bart, Victor, Zod, Tess, Lois - go ahead!)

Comment here if you want to be affilates with this community - the comm must have similiar interests (i.e. based on the 2 shows).

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